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Something you don’t know

       Something you don’t know is that when observing the whole mold industry, double color mould has become the leader. Before establishing JK industry , we see the broad prospect of the double color mould, which has great market demand, although at that time there are not many double injection mould industries, but we still had chosen the double color mould as our main product.The facts prove that we are right, and only two years, double color mould now has proved to be a trend in the world. With our 18 years experience in double color mould manufacturing and our equipments are mostly brought from European countries whose well-known brands, we JK-mould has the strength ,and our response rate is 100% nearly from foreigners, not to mention the domestic. There are many other companies and even foreign engineers have come to our company specially for learning, And we JK industrial granted.It is limitless to knowledge. And our mould precision can reach the 0.005 mm, which few companies can reach. Due to our rich experience, customers are very satisfied with those production produced in our company. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up to take action.  More news you can see about JK-mold: www.jk-mold.com
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