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Pipe elbow_elbow connection precision mold-Coverage all kinds of pipe elbow mold making experience

Precision pipe elbow_elbow connection mold-DongGuan JK-MOLD coverage all kinds ofpipe elbow mold making experience.
Precision pipe elbow_elbow connection mold-pipe elbow is about 70mm in length and has a bore 5.2mm in diameter,The user
has stipulated that the may have  hardly any draft.It consists of a straight section 22mm long and a curved section with a radius
of 102mm describing  an angle of 25°。Different type of  pipe elbow has different size and different curve,but the structure is more
similar.Core pullers for straight slider and curve slider of  the pipe elbow are usually actuated hydraulically or by gear drivers.However
they are sometimes so large that they determine the required machine size.Moreover,they involve high production and repair outlay.

Pipe elbow mold is not so easy,blow is some general question should be solved during design.:

1)how to get out of undercut elbow pipe,how to make stable movement
2)how to make a stable molding production,
3)how to guarantee the core strength and tenacity during production
4)how to make a stable designed molding circle time

Filling system is also a critical point.Failure more and Get more,elbow pipe mold is different from nomal molds building.
Becasue of its special structure,the manufacturing cost is pretty high than normal precision mold.More details for reference,
pls go to DongGuan JK-MOLD.

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