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precison bressing case double injection mold

precison bressing case double injection mold

How to make high quality precison bressing case double injection mold
How to make high quality precison mold?It is a good question for all mold makers,but also a good question for customer,whick like to keep asking.
Everyone know the core technology,but not all can make a high precision molds for customer.But why?

Precision molds include double injection mold(two-shot mold),thin-walled mold,medical and healthcare,insert mold,stack mold and so on.
Someone with more than 20 years experience in mold makeing will know that,the question is so easy that noboday do not like to speak out:
solid basic-skill of mold building and series critical control plan during each process.

1)engineer team working.It is most important during mold design.It cover all underlying question during mold building.
Hign qualified engineer determine the whole craft and process control at each step of progress.

2)Advanced and precision machining equipment,and reasonable craft arrangement
High quality craft arrangment can make all process easy,and precision machining equipment garuantee the precision parts get the high close tolerance.

3)The policy of quality control plan  at each step of progress must be exactly obeyed
Do not let any NG part flow to next step,even a little carelessness wil cause a big quality problem.No small probelm during mold building.

4)Kind notice for easy-miatake process must be highlighted on the parts to voild the small careless mistake.

Easy to say,but hard to follow.How to do and what should do must be employed into consideration at beginning of the business.
So here it is really a tough topic for every mold maker,but to get high quality mold,we must follow some basicall process principle.

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