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Mirror frame gas assist mold

Mirror frame gas assist mold

Auto rearview mirror gas assist mold:Auto rearview mirror frame has a thick edge around the mirror,the biggest
thick size is up to 20mm.Why design such big size here, to give people massiness feeling when see it.And during you
touch it,you will feel mellow and full.You wil get high quality product from your touching and seeing.Now much more top
grade Auto maker like Audi,BMW,BENZ,etc use this gas assist mold craft.

Rearview mirror frame has a complex assembly within small place.So its mold structure is a little complex and difficult,
lifter and slider have to be placed in a small area.Since the apprearance will have to be painted with different colors,so
the appearance quality is critical.Since the thick adge of frame. The choose of the gas assisted mold is a must .

The keypoint for the rearview mirror frame gas assist mold is how to and where is the best place to put gas pin.So
sometimes you have toadjust the locaton of gas pin during a series trial.

The general information of rearview mirror frame gas assist mold as below:
1)ABS materal with 1+1 cavity,hot runner and Submarine gate.
2)8407 steel with LKM moldbase.
3)Molding circle time is designed to 80s
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