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Dongguan JK-Mould Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012, located in a beautiful environment and convenient transportation of Chang’an Town Dongguan City. The company is specializing in design and manufacture molds, precision injection molding as the basis for development of the main products of plastic accessories to provide customers with OEM / ODM product design, mold development, mold manufacturing, injection molding, and other supporting services.    
   Dongguan JK-Mould Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced industry, which sets in mold design ,mold making, plastic molding as one of professional processing enterprises. The company sets up mold department, plastic moulding department, QC department, materials and management department and so on, and each department cooperates well each other.
     Double injection mould is that two plastic materials was injected on the same injection molding machine, in two injection moulding , but the product only once demoulding. In general, this is also called double injection molding process, usually done by a set of mold with specialized double color injection molding machine. Double injection mold now is growing popularity on the market today, and with this process, it can make the appearance of the product more beautiful, also easy to change the color and need not to spray, but technically demanding.
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