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DongGuan JK offer professional part design service to customer

DongGuan JK offer professional part design service to customer,especial in double injection ,thin-walled
insert-mold,gas-assisted part  mold manufacturing.
Why build a design team for customer:
More and more part  has some inborn problem which is caused by designer who has not rich experience
in double injection mold,precision mold,thin-walled and gas-assisted mold building,which make all OEM
mold manufacturer into suffering conditions.

DongGuan JK-MOLD is specialist in  double injection ,thin-walled insert-mold,gas-assisted part  mold manufacturing.
Considering our competitive technoligy,and to reduce inborn part design problem,we established the design team
for special customer.

What is puzzeld problems for OEM precision mold making:
1)Design company or designer take: no any careful analysis before initial part design and not rich knowledge in
double injection molding production and mold making. so the designed product is immature,the tool making
technology can not give 100% support,the product has inborn defect.
2)Product manufacturer takes:
   A)To put the products into market early,they place the molds into manafucturing  in advance with immature part
design,which take more risk for the mold making supplier.
   B) To cut down the price,product maker choose the mold making supplier with lower quotation,but no
      serious investigatio for their capacity.They also blame the tool making supplier when they get bad quality mold.
3)Mold making supplier take:
   A)To get the new order,they do their best to give out the lowest price,no enough analysis for the mold complex
       degree,when get the order and begin to design,then get more design question.But they always let it flow to 
       next step without any trouble-shooting solution because of the time requirement.
  B)Not put enough energy into  DFM analysis,or not rich experience in precision mold making,or poor
     process management procedure,which caused many small quality problem flow to next process step.
     That is why T1 parts always ok,but you have to spend much more time in trouble-shooting from T1 to Tf,
      even serious will cause whole preject failure.

whatever problem,it is leading to failure-failure finial result.So to get win-win solution,both of sides have to work
together to solve all question before mold making.Tool making supplier should have to spend much more time
in improving their inner progress in mold making capacity and also their inner management capacity.

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