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JK mold is a market leader in thegas assisted injection molding industry.Have built many kinds of
gas assisted mold,like coffee pot gas assisted mold,Auto tail gas assisted mold,rearview mirror
frame gas assisted mold,armrest gas assisted mold,doorbell handle gas assited mold,and many
kinds of kayak paddle blade gas assisted mold.More details pls see our websit www.jk-mold.com
you can find all pictures as above mentioned.If need any technical inquiry,pls be free to contact us. 

gas assist mold

JK-MOLD is a market leader in the gas injection molding industry.
A, Save the raw material, the rate can come up to 50%,
B, Reduce the circle time
C, Reduce the injection press and clamping press ,then lengthen the tool life
D, Overcome and remove the visible shrinkage.
E, with wide range of thermoplastic, but better for easy flowing plastic like PP,PE etc.
A. nitrogen assistant equipment
B, nitrogen gas pin
C. Self-sealing injection nozzle
D, nitrogen control equipment
E, Sensor fixed on the barrel of injection machine

All gas-assisted parts,pls go to folder product pricture for details.